Ten Guidelines for Selecting a Builder:
June 25, 2020

1. Work out your budget and stick to it

Know what you can afford with your mortgage repayments. Do not forget to allow for other expenses such as rates, insurance and landscaping etc.

2. Write down a checklist

Decide on those features that your home must have to function efficiently and then list any extra “wants”.

3. Obtain a complete list of drawings and engineering plans

Without these documents a builder will not be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

4. Get three licensed Master Builders to provide a quote

Visit mbasa.com.au and click on “Find a Builder”. Then simply complete the online request form and members matching your requirements will be notified of your enquiry. Any responses made are then emailed directly to you.

5. Price is NOT everything

A professional builder is well worth paying a little more for. Remember to do your research, if the builder is unreliable on previous jobs, they may not be your best option.

6. Compare the quotes carefully

It is very important to check the sums allowed for the prime cost items and provisional sums. These items are subject to alteration and can vary significantly from quote to quote. Be careful if a builder has allowed low unrealistic values for these items.

7. NEVER accept the quote until you have checked out the builder

Ask the builder for a list of previous clients and go and talk to them and have a look at their work. A good builder has many happy clients. Ensure the builder is licensed and carries the appropriate insurances. Feel confident that the builder has the financial backing to perform the work. MBASA Contracts are compliant and fair; a biased contract means someone loses out.

8. Before you sign the contract, READ IT CAREFULLY

A contract is a complex document. If you do not understand any of the terms then seek advice. Master Builders SA has developed easy to follow contracts and specifications and recommend their use.

9. Be aware of all contractual obligations

Any variation to the signed contract will normally lead to added expense. If you must vary the contract, then ensure you get a written quote from the builder for the cost of the variation before he/she performs the work.

10. Keep the communications channel open 

Take an interest in the job. If you are unhappy over any matter speak to the builder quickly – don’t sit on it.



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